Quality & Food Safety

We aim to supply high class fresh products, which meet customer-specific requirements in respect of quality and packaging. At our main port of import Rotterdam all in-coming goods are inspected by our own quality supervisor, who is an educated agricultural engineer.We highly value the excellent, direct contacts with the individual growers, consequently our sales team is up to date regarding the condition of the in-coming produce in order to serve our customers in an optimal way. Merimex maintains close contacts with the suppliers and agreements are made concerning production methods and quality during annual visits to the production regions. We make every effort to develop innovative or to improve traditional packaging tools. The latest quality standards are guaranteed by
  • certifying practices of our (service) providers according to IFS (International Food Standard) respectively IFS Broker
  • certifying our producers according to GlobalGAP
Our worldwide producers are all members of GlobalGAP, resp. of HACCP. Part of the overseas packing stations are certified according to IFS or BRC, for more information we are at your disposal. Our strict quality management takes responsibility, that our products reach our customers in perfect condition. We take samples regularly, which are tested in authorized laboratories and action is taken if necessary depending on the results. Because the trans-shipment and handling of most of our imports is done via the port of Rotterdam in Holland, we are a member of Foodcompass (Stichting Monitoring Voedingstuinbouw). Foodcompass undertakes regular independent risk analysis and residue researches. Any excess levels are signalled immediately. Only those who have experienced at first hand how much care and personal commitment a producer has put into his product will maintain that same effort to ensure that the produce reaches the consumer in the same prime condition. We guarantee the complete traceability to the source through:consignment number, pallet number, grower number and packing date.