About Merimex

Merimex GmbH was founded in 1983 by Mr. Herman Meerloo (who gave the name) together with Mr. Skip Pescosolido (Sequoia Orange Company, Exeter California), Hans Pasch (Hans Pasch, Export Corp., New York) and Armin David. Since more than 30 years the company has always been among the main protagonists of the European market in the fruit and vegetable sector.

All the products we trade on the European market are imported directly from the source, produced by selected suppliers all over the world.
One of our tasks is to create synergies and close collaborations with the countries of origin to bring to your tables a bit of freshness and genuineness that characterizes the countries world wide.

Our work is taken seriously, ensuring the necessary transparency between producer and consumer, every single article can be traced in every single phase.

Our company wants to be a reliable partner for all participants in the fruit and vegetable sector, putting common interests at the center to ensure a long-lasting collaborative relationship.

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